Fla. Sheriff’s Office, Students Deploy Drones to Increase School Security


A high school in Fort Pierce, Fla., located on the state’s east coast, is deploying drones in concert with local police to help increase safety on campus.

According to a WPTV report, students in Fort Pierce Central High School’s aerospace program join forces with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office at the school’s courtyard, where they deploy drones to patrol the school, which totals 5,400 acres and 2,800 students.

The drones, which take off as the school rings its first bells in the morning, have already allowed the team to realize, for example, a gate was open that should have been closed. The students are flying the aircraft under the supervision of the sheriff’s office.

“We have eyes in the skies, which is very important to have in today’s day and age,” Deputy John Horowitz told WPTV.

The full coverage can be found here.

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