E&P Company Sees Major Time and Cost Reductions with Cyberhawk UAVs

Citing a major exploration and production (E&P) company – a sector within the oil and gas industry – Cyberhawk Innovations says its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection method has proven to be 20 times faster and half the cost of traditional inspection methods, such as rope access.

The company, a large North Sea operator, analyzed inspection data from the last two years and concluded that Cyberhawk inspected 20 times more structures than rope access was able to achieve. This data also highlighted that Cyberhawk’s drone work was 50% cheaper than rope-access inspection.

The use of UAVs also means a reduction in working at height, requirements for offshore bed space, use of standby boats and use of helicopters, Cyberhawk says.

“More and more operators are changing their inspection philosophy and looking at safer, more efficient techniques which minimize risks to personnel and reduce costs,” remarks Chris Fleming, CEO of Cyberhawk. “By adopting a forward-thinking, innovative approach and using UAV technology for all initial visual and thermal inspections, this means that personnel are only required for contact and advanced inspection if required.

“The feedback received from the client confirms what we already know – that UAVs offer the most efficient solution when it comes to asset inspection across a multitude of industrial sectors. Few methods offer the same safety, time and cost advantages,” he continues.

Headquartered in Scotland, Cyberhawk also has offices in Houston, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Fleming adds, “We expect demand for UAV technology to continue growing, particularly in the international oil and gas sector as operators adjust to working in a new, lower-oil-price environment. Innovative technologies such as drones, which can offer cost-savings of up to seven figures and boast huge potential, cannot be ignored.”


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