Drone Aviation Delivers Aerial Photogrammetry Package to State Agency


Jacksonville, Fla.-based Drone Aviation Corp. (DAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Drone Aviation Holding Corp., a developer of specialized tethered drones and lighter-than-air aerostats, says it has delivered its aerial photogrammetry package to an unnamed state agency.

The custom-designed aerial photogrammetry survey package is an aerial imaging system designed for DAC's aerostat systems and in this situation will be used in land management applications, the company says.

Featuring a gimbaled, high-resolution digital camera, mounted to a small aerostat that is connected to a tether line controlled by a winch, the photogrammetry system can also be used for other applications such as road construction and repair, topographic research, archaeology, geology, and global warming studies. It includes equipment to launch, operate and recover the aerostat.

DAC says its commercial tethered systems are different from free-flying drones because they use a secure, high-strength tether line that remains connected to the ground.

The company notes that its system is able to safely operate in the National Airspace in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

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