DPR Construction Adopts SkyCatch Drone Data Solution


DPR Construction has signed an enterprise-wide agreement with Skycatch that will create a new model of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) standardization and productivity for all of DPR’s project sites in the U.S.

Hannu Lindberg, a construction industry veteran and leader of DPR’s virtual design and construction team, says several factors came into the decision to fully standardize with Skycatch, but one key aspect stood out: “Track record. We’ve seen Skycatch deliver results in a variety of applications and settings. We believe Skycatch offers the best opportunity for us to deliver our projects more efficiently at scale.”

DPR, which started experimenting with UAV solutions in 2013, instituted a UAS CORE Group leadership team, which conducted a formal evaluation process to choose a partner.

According to the partners, the ability to share drone-captured data with a range of users – from the design team to the subcontractor – allows DPR to enhance communication and efficiency. DPR also cites improvements in logistics planning, BIM coordination, quality control, as-built verification and billing verifications.

Last year, Teck Resources Ltd. chose Skycatch’s solution for drone surveying at mining sites, and Komatsu and Skycatch announced the global availability of the Explore1 RTK drone and Edge1 GNSS base station, available through Komatsu’s global distribution channels.

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