AgEagle UAV Integrates Botlink for Easier Access to Farming Data

Drone manufacturer AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. is bringing Botlink’s real-time safety and data platform to the farming-focused AgEagle fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Botlink connects drones to the Internet so that UAV imagery can be captured, processed and delivered in real time – without removing memory cards or manually downloading and uploading files. The platform also provides automated flight control and real-time situational awareness.

According to the companies, the combination of AgEagle and Botlink provides simple access to actionable data: Farmers and agronomists can use normalized difference vegetation index imagery and high-resolution photography gathered with an AgEagle airframe to scout fields, assess crop damage and create prescription maps for variable-rate fertilizer, fungicide and herbicide applications, for example.

“Getting crops in and out at the right time is one of the biggest factors in determining whether it will be a successful year, so getting access to actionable information quickly and conveniently is extremely important for farmers,” explains Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Botlink.


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