‘Wi-Fi in the Sky’ Under Development for Enterprise Drone Fleets


Ubiqomm has unveiled a high-speed data connectivity solution designed especially for enterprise unmanned aircraft system (UAS) fleets.

Ubiqomm’s wireless solution encompasses a network of base stations on the ground and communications devices mounted on drones. Each base station is capable of supporting all drones within its 25-kilometer coverage radius.

According to the company, a seamless handoff with the adjacent base station ensures ubiquitous coverage in a large area while connecting UAS to a cloud backhaul.

“Consistent high-speed data connectivity between drones and ground control centers is becoming mission-critical,” comments Saum Vahdat, vice president of marketing and business development at Ubiqomm, who dubs the solution “Wi-Fi in the sky.”

Ubiqomm is partnering with wireless broadband provider Skyriver – an affiliated company in the San Diego-based Bridgewest Group portfolio of businesses – for the development of millimeter-wave and lower-spectrum bands.

Together, the two companies are offering demonstrations on the solution. The demos include multiple drones flying within a region approximately 25 kilometers away from their San Diego base station. Each drone will be transmitting multiple 1080p video streams to the base station and using secure, high-speed links (200-plus Mbps).

Ubiqomm and Skyriver are seeking industry partners for development, testing and trials of UAS traffic management protocols in addition to the “Wi-Fi in the Sky” network solution – in turn, paving the way for flights taking place beyond the visual line of sight.

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