Veterans Administration Helping U.S. Veterans Attend UAV School


Unmanned Vehicle University, a civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight school based in Phoenix, has received approval and funding from the Veterans Administration (VA) for veterans to attend the school.

The VA's decision means veterans can now use their GI Bill benefits to pay tuition fees for advanced education, including master's and doctorate degrees and also UAV pilot training certification.

The university offers a UAV pilot training program consisting of three phases for a cost of $3,500. At the end of the program, students will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate, showing 10 hours of simulator, 16 hours of ground school and 24 hours of flight training for a total of 50 hours of training. All flights are conducted at Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) fields with AMA instructors. No previous experience is required to enroll in the program.

The master’s degree program involves online courses and focuses on unmanned systems engineering and program/project management. The curriculum consists of 36 credits taken during 12-week terms.

The doctorate degree program also involves online courses and focuses on unmanned aircraft systems. The program consists of 48 credits taken over 12-week terms and a doctoral dissertation (12 credits).

Dr. Jerry LeMieux, Col., USAF (Ret) says, ‘This is the perfect education to transition from the military to an exploding civilian job market. There are hundreds of commercial applications that will need new training to lead the next generation of unmanned systems.’

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Robert E. Melin
Robert E. Melin
4 years ago

Are there grants available to up date my drone education? I am a VET.

4 years ago

If I understand the FAA regs, even with this course, but without a private pilot’s license for a passenger plane, one still cannot fly a drone for business. Do you agree?

4 years ago

I think that Dart has a better course.With a three day Program.for $500. Bucks