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Botlink Brings the Internet to the 3DR Solo Drone

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Mar 01, 2016

Botlink has created an Internet-connected 3DR Solo drone, which incorporates Botlink’s XRD cellular device – Federal Communications Commission-approved software that allows users to send and receive data through a secure connection to Verizon’s LTE network. According to Botlink, Solo users [Read More]

Botlink Integrates Drone Software with Procore’s Construction Management

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Feb 17, 2016

Procore, a provider of construction management software, has integrated Botlink’s drone workflows so that users can fly drones at work sites and automatically upload processed imagery directly into the Procore software. According to Botlink, Procore users connect a cellular device [Read More]

Botlink, uAvionix Team up to Bring ADS-B to Drones

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Nov 16, 2015

Botlink, a provider of an interactive air traffic control and data processing platform for drones, and uAvionix, a manufacturer of micro automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) transponders and receivers, are teaming up to bring ADS-B technology to drones by early 2016. [Read More]

Botlink Unveils New Extended Range & Data Technology for UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Sep 09, 2015

Botlink, headquartered in Fargo, N.D., has introduced its new XRD (extended range and data) technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The XRD uses cellular telemetry technology to process data and stitch images in real time and at extended ranges, including [Read More]

Botlink, a Team of Military Pilots, Creates UAV Control/Safety App

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 21, 2015

Fargo, N.D.-based Botlink has announced the beta release of a cloud-based control software for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations. The application allows drone operators to control their multi-rotor or fixed-wing UAVs through an easy-to-use interface with real-time Federal Aviation Administration [Read More]