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DJI S1000+ Turns into Fully Equipped Telemedicine Drone

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Oct 16, 2015

The William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hattiesburg, Miss., has developed what it says is the first fully equipped multi-rotor drone with telemedicine capability. Dr. Italo Subbarao, an associate dean and associate professor at the school, and Guy [Read More]

Rapid Imaging Software Creates Augmented Reality App for Small UAS

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Jul 20, 2015

Rapid Imaging Software says it has developed an augmented reality app, the SmartCam3D View, for small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations. The app, currently in the testing stage, allows operators to view augmented reality (AR) overlays, such as waypoints and [Read More]

ASSURE Partner Creates UAS Safety Technology for BVLOS Flight

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 27, 2015

Ottawa, Ontario-based Kongsberg Gallium, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Defence Systems and a provider of geospatial visualization software, has developed a new safety display technology for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Kongsberg Gallium is a partner of the Alliance for System Safety [Read More]

Botlink, a Team of Military Pilots, Creates UAV Control/Safety App

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 21, 2015

Fargo, N.D.-based Botlink has announced the beta release of a cloud-based control software for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations. The application allows drone operators to control their multi-rotor or fixed-wing UAVs through an easy-to-use interface with real-time Federal Aviation Administration [Read More]

P-Squared Group Creates New Charger for Phantom 2 UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 19, 2015

Colorado Springs, Colo.-based P-Squared Group LLC has introduced what it says is a DJI Phantom 2 battery charger that refuels the battery significantly faster and less expensively. According to the company, the P2 Quadcharger will charge up to four intelligent [Read More]

CyPhy Works Creates an Everyday Drone for Everyone

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 04, 2015

CyPhy Works Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its first consumer offering, the CyPhy LVL 1 drone. CyPhy Works has previously been focused on tethered drones for industrial applications. CEO Helen Greiner and her team were inspired to [Read More]

DJI Partnership Creates Online Drone Videography Platform in China

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Apr 29, 2015

DJI and Youku Tudou, an Internet television company in China, have partnered to build what they say is China's first online platform centered on aerial video content, e-tailing and the aerial video community. Youku Tudou will become the release platform [Read More]

SmarTopo Harvest Creates Obstacle Detection, Database for Drones

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Mar 30, 2015

Rapid Imaging Software Inc. is rolling out its latest obstacle-detection system for commercial drones – the SmarTopo Harvest. According to the company, the software provides a fast and efficient method to detect undocumented obstacles and adds them to a database. [Read More]

Start-Up Creates Frameless 3D Platform to Reshape UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Mar 04, 2015

A South Carolina-based start-up, UAS Directions, has developed a 3D unibody platform for framed, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The company has created the frameless Droplet V1, which has an internal cargo bay that can hold equipment such as deliverable [Read More]

NoFlyZone Creates Way to Establish Residential Drone Barriers

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on Feb 10, 2015

NoFlyZone is offering a global database, supported by drone manufacturers and operators, that establishes no-fly zones over residential properties. Using, individuals enter their address to create a virtual barrier – or geo-fence – around their property. Drone companies participating [Read More]