‘Spying’ Drone in Seattle Turns Out to Be Innocent


384_122423163 'Spying' Drone in Seattle Turns Out to Be Innocent

The source of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was spotted outside of a Seattle woman's apartment window has come forward and explained himself.

According to a KGW report, the woman spotted the UAV outside of her 26th-floor window and alerted the concierge, who then contacted the police.

When Joe Vaughn – the founder of Portland-based manufacturer of commercial UAVs Skyris Imaging – heard all of the media reports of the incident, he immediately told police that it was he who was responsible for the vehicle and that he had a reason to be flying it.

It turns out that his company uses UAVs to get skyline photographs, which are then used for professionals such as Realtors or architects who want to show clients different perspectives from buildings.

Vaughn told KGW that the aircraft was not peeping into the woman’s window and that he operates only in areas where he is granted permission from the owners of the property. He says he even called up the woman and plans to send her a print of the photograph he was taking from all the way up there – and it won’t be of her.

The full KGW report can be found here.

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