SkyPoint Launches as Multinational Drone Consulting Group


SkyPoint, a group of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), image processing, mining and geomatics experts, has launched as a consulting group focused on drone and geospatial solutions.

The group says its goal is simple: to help businesses successfully implement drone technologies for geospatial applications.

“A significant amount of time and money can be spent on drone technologies and mapping software/services which over promise and under deliver,” says Scott McTavish of SkyPoint. “We take an unbiased approach regarding platforms, sensors and software and align the best solutions for the intended applications, budget and time frame. Having over seven years’ experience and 2,000+ commercial flights gives one a unique perspective and understanding of UAVs and mapping solutions.”

SkyPoint says its team is able to assist organizations both experienced and new to drone mapping, such as surveying and engineering firms that want to run the technology as a service or for businesses such as aggregates, mining or oil and gas firms that are looking to add UAV solutions within the company.

“We can also help out through any of the steps of the process,” says McTavish. “We offer a menu of services all designed to fit the goal, budget and timeline.”

SkyPoint adds that its consulting services, offered remotely or on-site, can range from short-term assistance to longer-term implementations and ongoing support. The group has a distributed team in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America.

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