SimActive Launches New Version of Photogrammetry Software


870_correlator_3d SimActive Launches New Version of Photogrammetry SoftwareSimActive Inc., a Canada-based developer of photogrammetry software, has released version 6.0 of Correlator3D, which processes geospatial data from aerial and satellite imagery.

The software's completely redesigned interface introduces streamlined image processing for any sensor type, says SimActive.

Correlator3D 6.0 adds a project creation wizard so that the user can easily import any type of data. With a created project, processing steps – automated or not – remain the same, regardless of the sensor. Moreover, the user can simultaneously display and edit all data at any time.

New features of Correlator3D 6.0 also include support of multi-camera setups and large blocks of satellite images.

“From the neophyte to the experienced user, the elegance of design empowers all, while further increasing functionality and possibilities,” says Louis Simard, chief technology officer of SimActive. “Correlator3D continues to define the industry standard for [unmanned aerial vehicles], large-format aerial, and satellite imagery; it is the one-stop solution for all users.”

Photo courtesy of SimActive

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