Science Channel Premieres ‘DRONED’ Series This Summer


This summer, Science Channel, a division of Discovery Communications Inc., is premiering a series called “DRONED,” which will explore the impact of consumer drones for various applications.

The series, which is shot on location in countries including the Bahamas, Mexico, Barbados, Canada and the U.S., will follow unmanned aircraft teams and their clients.

For example, the series will explore search-and-rescue drones, heavy-weather waterproof drones, specialized drones that can help divers locate sharks in the ocean, and racing drones.

DRONED is produced for Science Channel through Reckognition Productions. Erich Recker, Fred Paik and Ryan Haake serve as executive producers in conjunction with Mike Israel, Jeff Timmons and Dan Edwards of AirVuz.

As shared by AirVuz, one episode of DRONED features Florida-based Pigeon Vision, an “aerial filming and drone customization company whose business gives them access to innovative technology, high-end celebrity clients and travel adventures from amazing locales.”

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