Newly Formed Company Offers UAV Solutions for Public-Safety Agencies


931_firefighter Newly Formed Company Offers UAV Solutions for Public-Safety AgenciesMansfield, Ohio-headquartered HYSight Technologies recently commenced operations as a provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services for public-safety agencies.

The company says it aims to reduce technological and other barriers to the quick purchase and easy deployment of UAVs by offering the following:

  • Acquiring and equipping purpose-built UAV technology;
  • Providing flight training;
  • Guiding agencies through Federal Aviation Administration authorization; and
  • Offering support and service options to reduce risk to those seeking affordable, daily protection across numerous fields of operation.

‘It doesn't take a $50,000 drone to achieve the aerial coverage that keeps your officers safe, quickly find the source of a fire or make a search-and-rescue operation a quick success,’ says Ryan Anschutz, partner and co-owner of HYSight, along with John Bartolucci. ‘We're here to put this technology in your agency's hands today.’

Bartolucci and Anschutz, with a combined 30 years of public-safety experience, are trained pilots and active law enforcement officers.

Anschutz has a Federal Emergency Management Agency certification for incident command systems, as well as experience as a police operations instructor and certified firefighter. ‘Fighting fires and crime without drones will soon be a thing of the past,’ he says.

Bartolucci also brings tech experience to HYSight as the owner and operator of Ad Hoc, a PC repair and consulting business in Ohio.

‘If agencies knew just how easy and user-friendly this technology is to deploy and use, there would be no excuse to have at least one,’ he explains. ‘We simplify what's necessary to learn to safely operate the UAVs so the user can focus more on the mission and less on the ins-and-outs of the technology itself.’

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