New Partnership to Promote Safe Use of Drones in U.K.


844_181691208 New Partnership to Promote Safe Use of Drones in U.K.Global air traffic management company NATS has signed a safety partnership agreement with ARPAS UK, the trade association that represents the operators and stakeholders within the community of small remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), or drones.

Both based in the U.K., NATS and ARPAS UK will work together to promote the safe use of small RPAS to maximize their potential applications and to protect other airspace users.

“There is no doubt that this is an exciting and growing industry,” says James Harvey, NATS small RPAS safety lead. “Drones are now both incredibly popular consumer gadgets, as well as potential business tools. By working together with ARPAS UK, we want to encourage the growth of the industry, but to also ensure that’s done in a safe and integrated way.”

Philip Tarry, chairman of ARPAS-UK, adds, “This new agreement will improve the communication within the industry and encourage an attitude of information dissemination for the greater good. ARPAS UK is delighted to have formed this safety partnership with NATS, and we look forward to fostering this relationship throughout 2015.”

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