Measure Hires Leader of Drone as a Service Program


Measure has announced another strategic hire, Chris Courtney, who will serve as chief pilot and director of the company’s Drone as a Service program.

With nearly 20 years’ experience as an aviator, operations leader and financial manager, he will lead Measure’s efforts to provide safe, legal and insured options for incorporating drones into business operations.

Having accumulated over 3,000 flight hours and served as a military officer, aviator and paratrooper, Courtney is recognized as an expert in worldwide aviation operations, project management, flight standardization, training and budget management.

A Federal Aviation Administration-rated flight instructor, he has been awarded 10 commendation and achievement medals in recognition of his leadership, judgment, performance of duties, and flight heroics. He received a bachelor of science in business management from the University of Connecticut.

“The future of the drone industry is not in hardware; it is in providing data via turnkey drone services and understanding how to use drones to improve your bottom line,” says Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Measure.

“Chris is a seasoned instructor pilot and air operations officer who has worked across complex teams to integrate high-tech aircraft into daily operations. When the aviation experience is combined with Chris’ business training and career of managing multimillion-dollar budgets, Measure is uniquely positioned to help businesses realize the data collection and financial benefits of incorporating drones into their business practices,” Declet adds.

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