Kespry Drone Platform Gives Midwest Roofing Company ‘Game-Changing’ Inspections


Roofing Annex, a roofing company in the Midwest, has chosen the Kespry drone platform to enhance preventative building maintenance and property protection.

The Cincinnati-based contractor is using Kespry technology for assessing and protecting building envelopes – which refers to key structural elements such as roofs, skylights, ventilation and rooftop drainage.

The combination of Roofing Annex’s roofing services and the Kespry platform is part of its Annex Assurance Program (XAP), which provides customers with protection needed to keep their investments profitable.

“Kespry enables us to give our customers an unbiased, thoroughly detailed report on their roof in a fraction of the time a conventional and potentially damaging inspection would take,” comments Phil Pratt, commercial consultant for the roofing company’s multifamily and commercial division. “The speed, efficiency and accuracy that Kespry brings is game-changing.”

Kespry says its aerial intelligence platform is also delivering time and resource savings for Roofing Annex.

“In the past, using conventional methods, inspecting a multifamily complex could have taken anywhere from three to five days,” says Pratt. “Now, using the Kespry system, we’re able to complete the same inspections with full reporting in just a few hours.”

According to Kespry, another key benefit of the system is eliminating the need for dangerous manual inspections, involving employees on top of roofs.

“We know from years of testing and research that something as small as a one-inch piece of hail can damage a roof permanently,” continues Pratt. “What do you think an inspector walking all over it is doing? Potentially creating more damage. Roofs were not meant to be walked on. Kespry allows us to inspect roofs without causing unneeded distress to them.”

“Roofing Annex exemplifies how companies can use the Kespry aerial intelligence platform to transform the roofing services they offer their customers,” adds Paul Ross, vice president of marketing at Kespry. “With Kespry, Roofing Annex is able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to inspect a roof and inform a customer of any urgent or preventative work that needs to be done. That means Roofing Annex can win more business while reducing the risk of further damage during the inspection.”

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