Halberd Announces Finance and Insurance Agreement to Help Expand UAS Market


Halberd Corp., a provider of unmanned aerial system (UAS) services, and JC Funding II LLC have partnered to offer financing and insurance to facilitate Halberd's clients in contracting and purchasing UAS carried on its platforms.

According to Halberd, this financing and insurance will allow individuals and companies without access to the vast resources of the military and other government agencies to be able to purchase technologies needed to perform complex missions. The insurance allows for users to replace equipment should a loss occur.

Halberd says it is continuing negotiations with industry partners and various government agencies to broaden the company's depth in the UAS market, especially in the precision agriculture industry. The company notes that due to a change in Federal Aviation Administration regulations, UAS platforms can weigh 55 pounds, which increases the payload capacity for electronic optics and infrared technology required for agricultural applications.

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