Group to Test Aeryon sUAS for Public Safety Applications


723_aeryon-skyranger Group to Test Aeryon sUAS for Public Safety ApplicationsAeryon Labs Inc. says Unmanned Experts (UMEX) plans to use the Aeryon SkyRanger and Aeryon Scout to investigate and evaluate the benefits of small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) technology in a number of police and fire service applications.

UMEX has been operating under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice (DOJ NIJ) to investigate the effectiveness of sUAS in expediting accident scene clearance.

UMEX chose this research topic because of its compelling business case to reduce the costs associated with traffic accidents and the ability to help accelerate public safety agencies’ adoption of sUAS, says Aeryon Labs.

After successful trials and demonstrations with the Aeryon Scout sUAS, UMEX has received approval from the NIJ to include the Aeryon SkyRanger as another resource tool to expand its research and evaluation capabilities.

UMEX is actively exploring ways to extend its current research and to evaluate the use of sUAS in a variety of other public safety applications, including forensics and situational awareness (for incidents larger than accident scenes), search and rescue, and fire and HAZMAT response.

UMEX comprises a team of UAS operators, engineers and subject-matter professionals with over 25,000 hours of UAS flying experience, says Aeryon Labs.

Photo courtesy of Aeryon Labs

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