FAA Announces No-Drone Zone in Philly for Papal Visit

FAA Announces No-Drone Zone in Philly for Papal VisitThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is ordering a no-drone zone in Philadelphia on Sept. 26-27 when Pope Francis visits the city.

The FAA says the temporary flight restriction (TFR) comes at the request of the Department of Homeland Security and includes drones, model aircraft, parachutes, gliders and more.

According to the FAA, the restrictions will be in place “to provide a safe and secure environment for the event but also ensure fair and equitable access to all airspace users to the greatest extent possible.”

Flight waivers, such as Section 333 exemptions or Certificates of Waiver or Authorization for unmanned aircraft systems, will also be suspended.

The agency notes that this TFR “may change with little or no notice.”


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