EHang Releases Ghost 2.0 Drone with Tilt Control, Virtual Reality Goggles

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Chinese aerial technology company EHang has released the newest version of its Ghost drone, the Ghost 2.0.

The drone, which will be available for direct purchase via the EHang website, for pre-order on Amazon, and soon at Fry’s and Hobbico stores, marks a significant step in making drone flight an accessible reality for everyday consumers, the company says.

A proprietary tilt control feature enables consumers to steer with their phone through the EHang mobile app, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The app integration enables users to control both the drone and its camera simultaneously – which removes the hassle of managing both the gimbal and drone separately by two people, says EHang.

With virtual reality goggles, users can see through the eyes of the drone in real time. When combined with tilt control, users have precise control of the drone without the bulk of additional hardware. Thanks to the goggles’ built-in sensitivity to movement, when users turn their head, the camera turns as well.

EHang says the Ghost 2.0 also includes a new, streamlined design and a 12-month warranty.

“With our first two iterations of the Ghost Drone, we were able to build a strong foundation of both engineering and fans to help shape our vision for the Ghost 2.0,” explains Derrick Xiong, co-founder and chief marketing officer of EHang. “Our mission from the beginning has been to bring drones to everyone, and this brings us closer to that reality. We’re just scratching the surface of what drones can do and will continue pushing the envelope and innovating to fully deliver on our vision.”

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