DroneUp Launches Responsible Community Pilot Program


DroneUp, a drone pilot community, is collaborating with the International Association of Community Drone Pilots (IACDP) to launch the Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) program.

By providing free access to a community-based set of guidelines and programming, the RCP program aims to engage drone pilots through training, certification, idea-sharing and community.

Some of the tools offered by the program include as follows:
● Continually updated online courses and exams that improve regulation awareness;
● Mission-driven exercises that improve piloting skills;
● An online community for questions and discussion;
● Comprehensive standards of conduct; and
● Detailed safety guidelines.

“Our efforts to build this community through training and a sense of purpose are having dramatic positive effects on ensuring air safety,” says Tom Walker, founder and CEO of DroneUp. “We are dedicated to not only continuing our efforts but to sharing collected data that will prove invaluable to officials as they draft future policies.”

IACDP represents commercial, recreational, military and public safety operators.

“IACDP is motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on the industry,” says John Evans, president of IACDP. “We are still growing and expanding our training, certification and advocacy resources. We see organizations like DroneUp as valuable strategic partners for our mission.”

Membership in DroneUp’s RCP program requires successful annual completion of RCP training and an examination online.

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