Drone USA Becomes Skyfire Consulting Reseller


Drone USA Inc., a drone reseller, service provider and distributor, has formed a reseller partnership with Atlanta-based Skyfire Consulting, a company that specializes in assisting police, fire and private corporations with filing certificates of authorization and/or waivers with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“Our reseller partnership with Skyfire enables us to offer a necessary and critical component of our ‘everything drone’ strategy to our customers,” says Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s CEO. “Through Skyfire, we possess the ability to help our customers navigate the complex regulatory world of the FAA and file certificates of authorization and/or waivers.”

Founded by public safety professionals, Skyfire Consulting supports public safety organizations in all 50 states with UAV technology and expertise in certification, regulations and training. Skyfire offers organizations the equipment, flight training and ground courses, grant assistance and FAA consultation necessary to establish safe, legal, and well-trained drone programs.

Photo: Skyfire Consulting’s Matt Sloane and Ben Kroll

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