Drone-Tek App Facilitates Hands-Free Flying for Inspire, Phantom Users

UAO Staff
Posted by UAO Staff
on March 7, 2016 No Comments

Wolf-Tek has released a flight operating app, Drone-Tek, which is compatible with all DJI Inspire and Phantom drone models.

Available on the Google Play store for $19.99, the app allows operators to create precise flight plans, explains the company. After connecting to a mobile device, users draw out a flight path and select points at which they want to take pictures. The drone will then take off, fly and land autonomously according to the plan, which can be saved for future references.

Wolf-Tek says the app also has an orbit feature, which allows the drone to fly repeatedly over an area and capture a video. In addition, Drone-Tek can set the altitude, speed and camera direction of the drone before takeoff.

“If users want to have the drone follow them while walking a building site or while driving in a car over a large agriculture field, Drone-Tek will set that flight path for the drone,” explains Kyle Taylor, lead innovator.

Wolf-Tek plans on releasing an iOS version of the app. The company says it is also working on connecting it to other drone models and adding new features.

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