Drone Company Offering New iOS Feature for Mapping App


San Diego-based drone retailer Drones Made Easy says it has combined NASA technology with proprietary mapping applications to develop a new feature for its iOS app Map Pilot for DJI.

This new technology, the company says, allows users without an Internet connection to define flight paths that follow the terrain being flown over as an in-app purchase.

Moreover, the company says Map Pilot for DJI helps to maintain a constant distance from the ground to ensure the best possible results, and steep terrain is mapped with consistent ground resolution and overlap for rendering 3D features.

“By combining NASA’s recently released high-resolution global elevation data with our industry-leading Map Pilot for DJI application, we have made a huge jump forward in what can and can’t be mapped using drones,” says Tudor Thomas, chief technology officer of Drones Made Easy.

“Our focus is on enabling new capabilities for drones and taking the guesswork out of automated data collection,” Thomas adds.

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