DJI’s Drone Meets Hasselblad’s Medium-Format Camera

UAO Staff
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DJI and Hasselblad have introduced a fully integrated aerial photography platform that combines DJI’s M600 drone with Hasselblad’s medium-format A5D camera.

The A5D-M600 bundle is the first joint product following DJI’s recent investment in Gothenburg, Sweden-based Hasselblad. Late last year, DJI acquired a strategic minority stake in Hasselblad, whose CEO, Perry Oosting, said the companies were “looking forward to sharing technical expertise and paving the way for future innovations.”

With a maximum payload of 6 kg, the M600 is fully compatible with DJI’s Ronin-MX gimbal system and comes with six batteries, an A3 flight controller, a Lightbridge 2 Professional HD transmission system, a dust-proof propulsion system and DJI GO app control.

Hasselblad says the A5D camera’s sensors are almost twice the size of those used in typical 35 mm digital single-lens reflex cameras; the A5D lens comes in 50 mm. In addition, the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution helps optimize difficult color gradations, the company says, adding that the A5D has a strong seal on the camera body and sensor unit to prevent dust from getting in the optical system.

The two companies say they are looking at additional joint products for the future.

More information on the new platform can be found here.

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