CyPhy Works Gains Investor in Motorola Solutions


987_cyphy-works-logo-white-bg-w660h660 CyPhy Works Gains Investor in Motorola SolutionsMotorola Solutions has made a strategic investment in CyPhy Works, a Danvers, Mass.-based developer of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Motorola Solutions says the investment is part of its strategy to advance mission-critical communications by connecting public-safety and commercial customers with real-time data and intelligence. CyPhy Works is part of Motorola Solutions’ growing network of investments in these types of technologies.

Founded by Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, CyPhy Works has developed a drone technology and business road map that pioneers the use of microfilament tether technology, enabling long-duration or persistent flight with secure streaming of high-speed data and high-definition video.

“A tethered drone collecting situational awareness in large or hard-to-reach locations quickly puts eyes and ears on the scene, enabling our customers to read the moment, know what’s relevant and help them make fast decisions about how to deploy resources,” explains Paul Steinberg, chief technology officer of Motorola Solutions. “This can help not only resolve incidents faster but also provide information to help prevent critical situations from happening in the first place.”

“The opportunity to offer flying robots, or UAVs, to the public-safety and commercial sectors for imaging, mapping, monitoring and other applications is truly exciting,” said Greiner, CyPhy Works CEO. “Our robust platform is specifically designed for field operations in rough real-world conditions.”

Terms of the investment by Motorola Solutions Venture Capital were not disclosed.

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