Botlink, a Team of Military Pilots, Creates UAV Control/Safety App


1171_botlink_logo_resized Botlink, a Team of Military Pilots, Creates UAV Control/Safety AppFargo, N.D.-based Botlink has announced the beta release of a cloud-based control software for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations.

The application allows drone operators to control their multi-rotor or fixed-wing UAVs through an easy-to-use interface with real-time Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data overlays.

Botlink’s platform features fully automated drone control with manual, drag-and-drop hand flying from a smartphone or tablet. Safety features include real-time and near real-time manned and unmanned aircraft overlays with aircraft avoidance alerts and traffic advisories, airspace advisory warnings on controlled airspace, temporary flight restrictions, active military operation areas, and other restricted airspace.

Botlink, a team of military and professional pilots, software developers, electrical engineers, and communicators, says it is on a mission to create the world’s safest and most secure drone operations platform.

“It’s great to bring this technology to market; we’re hoping to increase situational awareness and simplify regulations for operators,” explains Shawn Muehler, CEO. He says his development team is currently working on distributing data from the UAV back to the operator’s device, as well as solutions to allow users to safely fly their drones beyond visual line-of-sight.

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