Aria Insights, Formerly CyPhy Works, Shuts Down


Not long after rebranding from CyPhy Works to Aria Insights, the company has reportedly shut down.

As reported by TechCrunch, Lance Vanden Brook, CEO of Aria Insights, confirmed that the company “ceased operations effective March 21.” Aria Insights’ website offers no further information, still displaying that CyPhy Works is “pleased and proud to enter the next stage in [the] company’s operations.”

Founded in January by the team at tethered drone company CyPhy Works, Danvers, Mass.-based Aria Insights was integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning software into its drones. It planned to offer CyPhy’s flagship product, the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications platform, and also roll out new technology.

At the time of the rebranding, Vanden Brook said, “Moving beyond just a hardware provider, Aria is now a full-service solution that not only meets customers’ aerial needs but also processes analytics that enable insightful decision-making.”

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