Yearlong Drone Film Project Captures Melting Glacier Caves

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Aerial Technology International (ATI) says it has teamed up with Portland, Ore., film production company Uncage the Soul to create a drone-capured video featuring the largest glacier cave system in the lower 48 states.

The video, ‘Requiem of Ice,’ is the result of footage taken over the past year and reveals the changing landscape of the Sandy Glacier Cave system on Oregon’s Mt. Hood.

The Sandy Glacier Cave system is made up of two large caves, Snow Dragon and Pure Imagination, which both extend deep into the glacier. The video reveals the dramatic melting and collapsing of the cave system that has been occurring since its discovery around a decade ago.

ATI says it took on a completely new set of challenges in this project, including bringing a heavy-lift octocopter up to the Sandy Glacier and deploying it in the difficult environment.

To accomplish this, ATI co-founders Stephen Burtt and Lawrence Dennis disassembled their octocopter, camera gear, charging stations and accessories in order to fit the gear into their hiking packs. Upon arriving at base camp, after an eight-hour hike, the team re-assembled the aircraft and accessories.

“The Sandy Glacier Ice Caves are a treasure that will soon be gone, and ATI was thrilled to be involved in a project that would immortalize the caves and bring them worldwide exposure,” says Burtt.

The video can be seen here.

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