Start-Up Combines Drones, IoT and Remote Sensing for Construction Management


Unearth, a Seattle-based company providing construction management software, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding.

The early-stage start-up says it aims to break down information barriers and resolve disputes in large-scale construction projects by using drones, remote sensing, computer vision and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company’s new cloud platform hands communications and data analysis tools to contractors building roads, bridges and highways so that they can monitor and measure the pace of infrastructure projects. The platform combines imaging across successive time periods to automatically detect build progress.

Unearth expects it platform, enabling real-time information exchange, project status and dispute resolution, to enter the field in March 2017.

Investors include Microsoft executive John Case, who’s joining the company’s board of directors, and California-based land developer John Boswell.

“Construction is a dynamic and massive sector of the economy that’s consistently plagued by delays and busted budgets,” explains Brian Saab, CEO of Unearth. “We’re bringing all the innovation momentum from Internet of Things, machine learning and chat to contractors and landowners to streamline team collaboration, supply-chain decisions and schedule management.”

Unearth’s team brings back together four entrepreneurs and product leaders who met at Seattle-based buuteeq Inc. (acquired by Priceline): Saab; Amy Hutchins, chief product officer; Nate Miller, chief design officer; and Pat Lasswell, principal engineer.

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