AMA Offers New Advice on Registering UAS

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
on Jan 11, 2016 No Comments
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Following the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) newly announced requirement for recreational unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators to register before flying, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) suggested its members hold off on doing so until being advised further by AMA or until the Feb. 19 deadline. However, it is now advising its members to go ahead and register while it is still free until Jan. 19.

According to an AMA government relations blog, although the academy still holds its position that its members should not need to register – as the requirement goes against Congress’ intent in the Special Rule for Model Aircraft of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act – it believes working with the FAA on a different solution will take some more time.

“We are continuing to explore all legal and political options available, but these conversations may take time, and a definitive solution is unlikely before the February 19 registration deadline,” AMA writes in the blog, which notes that the academy is “by no means giving up” on “working to protect modelers from unnecessary and burdensome regulation.”

AMA also encourages its members to comment on the FAA’s interim registration rulemaking before the deadline of Friday, Jan. 15. It recently created guidelines for doing so.

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