AMA Offers Guidance for Commenting on FAA UAS Registration Rules

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
on Dec 30, 2015 No Comments
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The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) – which recently advised its members to not register their model aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) until the federal deadline of Feb. 19 or until AMA advises them to do so – has compiled a list of suggestions for members to include in their comments to the FAA on the registration rulemaking for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

In an AMA blog, the academy recommends as follows:

  • “Express your disappointment with the registration rule,” and say you are a “longtime model aircraft flyer, who has operated under the guidance of the largest community-based organization in the world for many years.”
  • “Highlight AMA’s history and safety record,” which includes safety standards and training programs since 1936 – “more than 20 years before the FAA was created.”
  • “Note that you already register with AMA,” in that AMA already instructs members to place identifying information on their model aircraft.
  • “Make it clear this rule is contrary to the intent of Congress”: Section 336 of the 2012 Modernization and Reform Act or the Special Rule for Model Aircraft.
  • “Affirm that as an AMA member you should be exempt from federal registration. The registration process is an unnecessary burden for me and the more than 185,000 other AMA members.”

The deadline for comment submission, which can be accessed here, is Jan. 15. AMA’s complete blog with recommendations can be found here.

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