The New York Times Reviews the Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter from DJI

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
on Jan 08, 2014 No Comments
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The New York Times recently reviewed the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter developed by unmanned aerial system (UAS) company DJI, saying that Vision operators ‘can accurately film things that [they] would otherwise find hard to see properly with [their] own eyes.’

Columnist Kit Eaton writes that the Phantom 2 Vision ‘can fly far out of direct line of sight of its operator … [and] record great video and photo stills from a thousand feet in the air.’ He adds that ‘if it loses the connection to its remote control, it can even use GPS to fly automatically back to its launching point and land by itself.’

DJI develops and manufactures small UAS for commercial and recreational purposes, with a specific focus on aerial photography and videography. The company's operations span North America, Europe and Asia.

The full review by The New York Times is available here, and DJI's website can be found here.

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