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AirShip Goes with Robotic Skies’ Global UAS Maintenance Network

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on September 28, 2015

A memorandum of understanding has been formalized between AirShip Technologies Group Inc. and Robotic Skies LLC to form a framework for global support services for AirShip customers worldwide. AirShip Technologies Group Inc., based in Oregon, and Robotic Skies, based in [Read More]

Robotic Skies Becomes Aerialtronics’ UAS Completion & Maintenance Provider

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on August 26, 2015

Aerialtronics and Robotic Skies have partnered to build a custom maintenance program for Aerialtronics' multi-rotor unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) product line. The program will be implemented at more than 80 Robotic Skies field service centers around the world. In addition, [Read More]

Robotic Skies UAS Servicing Network Gains 17 New Locations

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on July 16, 2015

Duncan Aviation Inc. has joined the Robotic Skies network of service centers for engineering design, assembly and field repair of industrial-grade unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Duncan Aviation adds 17 new locations throughout North America to the Robotic Skies network, whose [Read More]

UAVs Record Atmospheric Temperatures in Oregon Skies

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on April 07, 2015

Scientists at Oregon State University (OSU) are using fiber-optic thermometers suspended from unmanned aircraft to measure atmospheric temperatures. With funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), John Selker – a hydrologist and professor in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences – [Read More]

With $50M Funding, 3D Robotics to ‘Bring Advanced Computing to the Skies’

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on February 27, 2015

Berkley, Calif.-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company 3D Robotics says it has raised $50 million in Series C financing from Qualcomm Inc., a 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technology company. Qualcomm’s subsidiary recently introduced four new Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for [Read More]

SkyWard, Robotic Skies Providing UAS Maintenance Solutions

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on February 25, 2015

SkyWard and Robotic Skies have formed a partnership to provide turnkey solutions for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) maintenance and compliance. Through SkyWard's digital system of record and Robotic Skies' global maintenance network, UAS operators can track and manage their fleet [Read More]

Robotic Skies Completes First UAS Repair & Return-to-Service

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on January 29, 2015

Robotic Skies says it has completed its first repair of a commercial drone and returned it to operational service. The maintenance work was performed at Kings Avionics in Henderson, Nev. Kings Avionics is one of nearly 60 Robotic Skies service [Read More]

Philadelphia Company Takes Advertising to the Skies with UAVs

UAO Staff
UAO Staff on May 02, 2014

With inspiration coming from Amazon's much-publicized drone-delivery plans, a 19-year-old former college student has established an advertising company based upon unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Philadelphia-based DroneCast plans to offer campaigns in which UAVs carry banners advertising businesses, according to an [Read More]