Security Exec and Ret. Air Force General Join the AirMap Team

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AirMap, a provider of airspace services for drones, has named Jared Ablon chief information security officer (CISO) and appointed Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney (U.S. Air Force Ret.) to the company’s board of advisors.

As CISO, Ablon is responsible for securing AirMap’s network of real-time information exchange related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). His role also includes the development of protocols for authenticating UAS and their operators, filing secure flight plan trajectories, and detecting and defending against intrusions from bad actors.

Prior to joining AirMap, Ablon worked at MITRE Corp., where he led efforts to ensure security of next-generation GPS navigation systems and other communications technologies for U.S. Air Force programs. He began his career at the U.S. Department of Defense, where he led teams of security experts and helped develop technologies related to cryptanalysis, network exploitation and vulnerability analysis security.

McInerney now heads AirMap’s security committee on the board of advisors. He started his Air Force career as a pilot and flew 407 combat missions during the Vietnam War. Prior to retirement, McInerney’s last duty assignment was assistant vice chief of staff at the U.S. Air Force headquarters in Washington, D.C.

AirMap provides UAS and air traffic managers access to real-time airspace awareness and to a secure communication platform.

“We’re excited to have Jared and Tom joining us,” comments Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap. “Over the next several years, predominant UAS value drivers will transition from recreational operations within visual line of sight to commercial operations beyond visual line of sight. The addition of these safety and security experts to the AirMap team ensures we deliver a robust platform to exceed the expectations of industry and government partners today and into the future.”

As an initial project, AirMap execs co-authored a white paper, “Robust and Scalable UAS Registration,” which is available here.

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