New Hyperspectral Imaging Solution Combines Aibot X6, Nano-Hyperspec

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Leica Geosystems, Aibotix and Headwall Photonics have introduced a new integrated airborne sensor solution using a hyperspectral imager and the Aibot X6 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Headwall's Nano-Hyperspec sensor was optimized in terms of size, weight and power to enable operators to acquire all spectral and spatial data within the scene of interest. Applications include precision agriculture, forestry, geological research and environmental monitoring. Equipped with the hyperspectral imager, the Aibot X6 can, for example, take pictures of fields or vineyards to determine the chlorophyll content, plant health or invasive species.

The Nano-Hyperspec sensor, measuring 76.2 mm x 76.2 mm x 119.4 mm and weighing less than 0.68 kg (1.5 lb), is integrated with a high-speed data processor and high-capacity flash storage. With a wide field of view, the sensor collects image data across 640 spatial bands and 270 spectral bands with a visible-near-infrared range of 400-1000 nm.

The integrated data storage is 480 GB, which will yield more than two hours at a collection rate of about 100 fps. The direct-attached GPS with an intertial measurement unit (IMU) gives the operator an ability to generate ortho-rectified imagery data products.

The Nano-Hyperspec also comes pre-loaded with an airborne version of its Hyperspec III application software that manages sensor operation, image acquisition and sensor performance while the UAV is aloft. Hyperspec III software is designed to work in a complementary fashion with the GPS/IMU, as well as incoming LiDAR data to collect spectral data and generate a completely integrated hyperspectral data cube.

Photo courtesy of Aibotix

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