Keystone White Paper Highlights UAS Accuracy for Geospatial Applications

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
on February 25, 2016 No Comments

Philadelphia-headquartered Keystone Aerial Surveys Inc. has released a new white paper detailing the accuracy and dependability of drones for surveying and other geospatial applications.

The white paper, entitled “Unmanned Aerial System Survey Point Collection Accuracy Assessment,” says the company teamed up with Dennis W. Sklar Inc. in December to conduct two UAS surveys of a private building in eastern Pennsylvania. They “placed multiple survey points both on the ground and on the building to use as control in check points” and implemented Datumate Ltd.’s Datugram3D software to “georeference the imagery and then perform measurements and data collection.”

Using two of its UAS, Keystone flew and generated products for comparison testing in the paper. According to the company, the work demonstrates to the geospatial community that non-metric cameras from relatively inexpensive UAS can be used to generate mapping and survey-grade results with residuals of less than a quarter of an inch.

Keystone, which has been conducting aerial surveys since 1963, says it received a commercial UAS exemption last spring. The company offers a fixed-wing Altavian Nova F6500 with both RGB and near-infrared payloads for large area mapping, as well as two multi-rotor drones with RGB, video and normalized difference vegetation index payloads.

The full white paper can be found here.

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