DroneDeploy Rolls out Real-Time Volume-Measurement Tool

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
on Feb 04, 2016 No Comments

DroneDeploy, a Silicon Valley tech company providing cloud-control solutions for commercial drones, has announced its new volume-measurement capability.

According to the company, volume analysis by drones delivers significant time and cost savings, as well as eliminates risks associated with working on dangerous terrain. DroneDeploy says early users of its new volumetric measurements have reported accuracy within 2% of traditional, ground-survey methods.

For example, users can calculate the volumes of stockpiles, measure extraction volumes of quarries or estimate the volumes of buildings – all in real time directly from the field. From any device, users select the perimeter of a feature to be measured, and the software calculates the volume.

DroneDeploy says the feature will be available for customers at a starting price of $99/month. The company also offers a free, one-month trial.

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