Drone Aviation and Skyfire Market Tethered Drones for First Responders

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Drone Aviation Holding Corp. (DAC), a manufacturer of tethered drones and lighter-than-air aerostats, has formed a joint sales partnership with Skyfire Consulting, a drone services and consulting company dedicated to serving first responders.

Through the partnership, the two have begun co-marketing DAC’s tethered drones to fire and police departments and other emergency-services entities. DAC’s WATT tethered platform, designed to provide long endurance and persistent aerial coverage, is ideally suited to monitor live fire scenes for search-and-rescue missions or to monitor fire-prone areas without interfering with supporting helicopters.

Both companies will present the WATT line of tethered drones to attendees – including first responders, firefighters and hazmat specialists – at the annual Fire-Rescue East 2016 Conference, held in Daytona Beach, Fla., on Jan. 20-23.

A high-strength, armored tether connects the drone to a ground power source for long flight durations and acts as a leash for additional safety. DAC notes that the WATT delivers military-grade, highly stabilized HD video, even in adverse weather conditions.

“Together with the experts at Skyfire, we are educating and enabling first responders on how federal, state and commercial grant programs can help them incorporate our innovative tethered drones into fire departments nationwide,” explains Jay Nussbaum, chairman of DAC.

Matt Sloane, CEO of Skyfire Consulting, adds, “Skyfire is dedicated to providing first responders with the safest and most advanced drone technology available, and having seen the unique capabilities of the WATT system firsthand, we believe that it will have a significantly positive impact on first-responder operations.”

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