Boulder County, Colo., Holding Open House on UAS

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Mulling a policy that would limit the operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), Colorado’s Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS) is holding a UAS open house on Dec. 15.

The event, taking place at Parks & Open Space at 5201 St. Vrain Rd. in Longmont, will include presentations from Agribotix, UASUSA, and the University of Colorado’s Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles.

The BCPOS is considering a policy that would limit drone operations on open space to only scientific research, operational monitoring and agricultural purposes. The policy, which would prohibit UAS flights by visitors on open space, “is designed to take advantage of new technology while protecting natural resources and visitor experiences,” the department says.

At the open house, the presenters will discuss their own drone operations, including the values of drones for data collection and the reasons for using them in research/business programs.

The draft policy was presented in August and has since been revised by staff after comments were submitted. At the upcoming event, BCPOS staff will discuss the policy, and the public is invited to provide input.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines “open space” as “open piece of land that is undeveloped (has no buildings or other built structures) and is accessible to the public.” Boulder County says it has over 100,000 acres of open space.

More information on the event can be found here.

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