Arizona Town Looks into Local Area Drone Dispatch and Tracking System

UAO Staff
by UAO Staff
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Drone Control Systems LLC and the Town of Sahuarita, Ariz., are defining the operational details of a pilot project for the company’s Local Area Drone Dispatch and Authorization System (LADDAS), including the establishment of a controlled test site in which to operate.

LADDAS provides law enforcement and regulatory agencies with the ability to do the following:

  • Register drone operators with LADDAS;
  • Associate Federal Aviation Administration drone registration ID with LADDAS registration;
  • Create permissible drone flight areas and no-fly zones;
  • Monitor and record drone flight activities;
  • Identify compliant vs. non-compliant drones;
  • Alert drone operators to the proximity of other drones; and
  • Deliver bulletins such as Amber Alerts from the Emergency Alert System.

“The Town of Sahuarita has welcomed the opportunity to work with Drone Control Systems,” says Victor Gonzalez, economic development manager of Sahuarita. “LADDAS ensures that drone operators will operate within the defined rules and regulations established and provides the town with the ability to regulate and authorize safe drone flight operations within our community and public spaces.”

James Lawrence, president of Drone Control Systems, says, “We are happy to be able to provide the LADDAS system to satisfy the needs of cities and regulatory agencies to meet the drone safety and privacy concerns of their constituents. We are always available to city officials nationwide who are seeking solutions to managing drone flight operations in their communities.”LADDAS1

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