AirMap Enables Safe, Legal & Hassle-Free Drone Flying

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AirMap, a free, comprehensive airspace database and resource for unmanned aerial system (UAS) operators, has launched in the U.S.

Because airspace rules are complex, AirMap removes barriers to compliance by providing low-altitude airspace information. It was co-founded by aviation expert and entrepreneur Ben Marcus and Dr. Gregory McNeal, a legal scholar on drones, public policy and air rights.

AirMap integrates multiple sources of data and gives UAS operators an easy-to-use, detailed solution that provides a single view of the restricted areas around an area of operations.

The fully digital map shows airspace rules that impact only UAS operators. By focusing on airspace information from ground level up to 500 feet, AirMap strips away the clutter of higher-altitude airspace labels found on charts that were created for manned aviation.

The beta-version of the site, now live in the U.S., will soon launch internationally. AirMap also features a feedback function that will allow beta testers to request additional features.

Operators can customize their display based on the type of operation they are involved in: recreational or commercial, as well as in controlled airspace 500 feet and below (Class B, C, D, E).

‘As a drone operator, I found it hard to know what the airspace rules were in the places where I wanted to fly. There were no accurate visuals or reliable electronic tools that could tell me and other operators where we can and cannot fly. AirMap solves this problem and helps to educate operators about this complex regulatory environment,’ says McNeal.

In February, AirMap launched its first service,, which accepts registrations from property owners who prefer UAS not overfly their land.

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