AeroLift eXpress Offers UAS Transport Service for Offshore Work

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Valmie Resources Inc. (VMRI) says its joint venture partner, Houston-based AeroLift eXpress, is in talks with a major Latin American energy company’s prime contractor regarding daily, unmanned transport of supplies for offshore applications.

AeroLift eXpress is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) transport service that uses military-grade vehicles and systems operated by former U.S. military pilots, says VMRI.

“We are pleased to offer this one-of-a kind delivery service to offshore operators as a way of reducing costs and lowering the risks associated with transporting payloads in challenging environments,” says Gerald B. Hammack, president and CEO of VMRI.

“AeroLift’s economical transport platform is a practical alternative over high-priced helicopter or marine delivery,” adds James Stafford, AeroLift eXpress’ CEO and founder. “Our drone technology can successfully operate in any conditions where a helicopter can fly – at a fraction of the cost and no risk to human life.”

VMRI, a commercial drone exemption holder, says AeroLift eXpress can deliver a sizeable payload of up to 14 pounds and has an operating radius of 250 miles. The company has plans to increase the payload size to as much as 80 pounds in subsequent development phases.

Photo courtesy of AeroLift eXpress

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