Yuneec’s Typhoon H Plus Hits the Drone Market on July 1


Yuneec International has announced the availability of its new Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense, which will be available at Best Buy stores and starting July 1.

Retailing at $1,899.99, the drone, introduced in January, is the second generation of Yuneec’s Typhoon H model.

Featuring a larger, six-rotor airframe, the aircraft offers a 40% reduction in noise from the company’s previous hexacopter models, as well as stable flight in winds up to 30 mph.

The Typhoon H Plus is equipped with a high-aperture, one-inch-sensor camera capable of 20 mp stills and 4K resolution video at 60fps. The new model also boasts an improved low-light performance over previous models. Furthermore, a continuous-rotation gimbal – combined with retractable landing gear – provides 360-degree, unobstructed views, explains Yuneec.

TyphoonHPlus-Yuneec-4802_preview Yuneec's Typhoon H Plus Hits the Drone Market on July 1

The drone also comes equipped with Intel RealSense technology, a collision-avoidance system that detects obstacles and intelligently navigates around them. Additionally, the Typhoon H Plus is accompanied by a newly redesigned, Android-based ST16S controller, which includes a large, high-brightness, seven-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for real-time video reception.

The Typhoon H Plus also has a variety of flight and image capturing modes, including point of interest, orbit me, curve cable cam, journey mode and team mode.

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