Visual Intelligence Releases Kit for UAV Metric Mapping

Houston-based Visual Intelligence has made its iOne Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (iOne STKA) available for purchase or licensing by manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that deliver an integrated UAV/geospatial imaging solution.

Visual Intelligence says its iOne STKA provides technology to configure a variety of multipurpose sensors, including miniaturized 2D/3D applications. The sensor system architecture can be used for agricultural and forestry mapping, pipeline or corridor monitoring, utility assessments, aerial surveys, research, persistence surveillance, and other metric 2D/3D professional applications.

Using the technology, UAV end users can collect high-quality color or infrared NADIR, and oblique or video imagery, as well as co-mount and co-register (e.g., LiDAR and thermal sensors using the same system architecture).

The iOne STKA features Visual Intelligence's Advanced Retinal Camera Array (ARCA), which enables array-based collection and functional scalability sensor fusion. The arrays made of these varied imaging devices perform like a single camera, producing one single metric, radiometrically and geometrically correct image, or set of co-registered and fused images, says Visual Intelligence.


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