Virginia Firm Rolls out ‘Human-Centered’ UAS Solutions Suite

Falls Church, Va.-based Evans Inc., a provider of human-centered consulting solutions, including for aviation and healthcare, has launched a new unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) suite dubbed CAARMA.

Evans, with 23 years of aviation experience, says its new suite addresses the core programmatic and operational challenges of drones and aims to help companies and government agencies successfully navigate the complex regulatory environment.

At the core of the company’s new program is a four-part “UAS Programmatic Readiness and Health Assessment,” which is designed to minimize risk, maximize ability to exploit market-driven opportunities and optimize investment to realize the fastest possible outcomes, says Evans. To drive value and increase productivity, the assessment follows a continuum from identifying the need for UAS all the way to ongoing operations and maintenance of the program.

During the assessment, Evans works with the organization to evaluate its capability to operate various aspects of a UAS program. The firm says it reviews resources, procedures and business plans regarding hardware, software, piloting, flight operations and regulatory compliance. Evans also evaluates the organization’s culture to develop a customized implementation plan that “considers the human element,” according to the firm.

Sue Evans, founder and CEO of the firm, says, “The process employed by our CAARMA UAS solutions suite is focused on a sequential, inclusive approach that helps our customers in the aviation industry successfully embrace and profit from new initiatives and investments while working more effectively together. As a result, our clients can maximize the full potential of these efforts and reach ROI – Real Operational Impact.”


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