VDOS Partnership Brings UAVs to Insurance Claims Market

Cunningham Lindsey, a loss-adjusting and risk-management services company, has partnered with Oregon-based VDOS Global, a commercial drone exemption holder for inspection services, to incorporate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the insurance market.

Cunningham Lindsey and VDOS will work together to achieve improved efficiencies in daily claims scenarios by assisting insurers with the creation of a drone program into their claims process. They will also provide pre- and post-loss assessments with aerial flyovers, as well as customized UAV training tailored to the needs of field adjusters and additional entities seeking certification.

The companies say the partnership will provide carriers immediate access to aerial data for application efficiencies in the underwriting process, as well as catastrophic claims situations for all types of property. When claims occur that require a forensic investigation, VDOS will also work with EFI Global, the forensic division of Cunningham Lindsey, to provide UAVs to expedite gathering field data in challenging locations.

“It is undeniable our industry is changing constantly, and the data application possibilities using drone technology are tremendous,” explains David Repinski, president and chief client officer of Cunningham Lindsey for the Americas. “This partnership represents the best path forward to help insurers incorporate a UAV strategy to gain a competitive and differential advantage across all channels in the claims and risk-assessment process.”


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