Valmie Resources to Acquire Commercial Drone Technology Company

Valmie Resources Inc. has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire Vertitek Technologies, a developer of commercial unmanned vehicle components.

The companies will continue developing Valmie's end-to-end cloud platform, AIMD (Autonomous Intelligence for Mobile Devices), which will help users manage and control independent mobilized devices with a unique set of data services. The new platform will give drones and other unmanned vehicles an improved ability to communicate, says Valmie.

The companies have completed assessing the details and exploring the benefits of the acquisition and anticipate a definitive agreement to be reached during the coming month.

‘The chief motivating factors driving us to explore this relationship include the opportunity to accelerate the commercialization of our groundbreaking AIMD platform, to develop synergy for greater business advantages and to create long-term shareholder value,’ says Gerald B. Hammack, president and CEO of Valmie.


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