Valmie Gets FAA Green Light for Blend of UAS Applications


Houston-based Valmie Resources Inc. says it will be using its recently obtained Section 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly the company’s eight-rotor Vertitek V1-X8a and six-rotor Vertitek V2-H6a unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for aerial data collection.

According to Valmie, applications will include agricultural applications, search-and-rescue operations, power line and pipeline inspections, infrastructure surveying, and aerial imaging.

The company says it actively pursues opportunities for the commercialization of products and services in the rapidly expanding technology industry: specifically, software, hardware, networking and semiconductors.

“Securing the authorization to fly in the national airspace has been a goal for Valmie as we pursue company growth and collaboration with similar-minded businesses,” says Gerald B. Hammack, president and CEO. “This opportunity will allow us to demonstrate our technology and provide a safe means to remain on the cutting edge of industry advances.”

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